Amar JKA Bhayandar
   (Japan Karate Association)
   Amar R. Yadav

Karate Courses

Amar JKA Bhayandar Karate conducts courses for Self-Defence, Physical Fitness and Meditation.

Courses are broadly classified into two categories Group Coaching and Special Individual Coaching.

1> Academic School Batches for Fitness and self defense.

2> Fitness Course.

3> Special training course for 3 months (Defence with maximum two peoples).

4> Special training course till Black belt within two years duration.

5> Normal Course for Black belt within 5 years.

We Conduct Karate Courses in Batches at various locations in

a) Bhayanadar West (neary by Station Road, 60 Feet and 90 Feet) and

b) Mira Road (Kashimira & Poonam Sagar Complex).

Course Details | Bhayandar(W):  Tapovan Vidyalaya  The Don Bosco (60 Feet)  The Don Bosco (90 Feet) | Mira Road(E):  Poonam Sagar Complex | St. Jerome Convt. School  All Branches
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